Need an interpreter?

If you need interpreters in Italian, English, and German for:

  • events and conferences
  • high-level meetings 
  • board meetings
  • legal questionings 
  • hearings
  • commercial negotiations
  • M&A negotiations
  • market research (focus groups, IDIs, workshops)
  • presentations
  • interviews 
  • talk shows
  • press conferences

you can count on AQUA network: we can advise you on the most suitable mode of interpretation for your needs – choosing between simultaneous, consecutive, whispered and liaison – and provide you with a skilled, professional interpreter or team, to communicate in English, Italian and German, faithfully capturing every nuance in the intentions of the speakers.

The techniques in a nutshell:

Simultaneous interpretation
Simultaneous interpretation offers a real-time service, saving time and keeping audience attention levels high. This is the preferred technique for conferences.

Consecutive interpretation
Consecutive interpretation is performed alongside the speaker: the interpreter listens to the speech, takes notes and translates entire passages at a time, typically during a press conference.

Whispered interpretation (chuchotage)
This is a translation whispered into the ear of the listener without any technical equipment, for example if there are just one or two foreign visitors present, or in very small meetings.

Liaison interpretation
The interpreter translates for small groups of people in less structured circumstances, such as during business negotiations or a session explaining how a piece of machinery works.